Kauai Westside Painting Workshop 

January 3 - 9, 2019

This is a seven–day workshop. Painting during the day and meeting in the evening for discussions and critiques provide opportunities for artists and art students to experience making art away from familiar home and studio in a unique environment and culture. In any number of ways Kauai is a powerful place. However you experience it, “place” itself can be an expressive source of art making and a stepping-off point for further artistic growth.

The weeklong format invites participating artists to alter their painting habits, emphasizing experimental and spontaneous approaches to paint handling, texture, collage and mixed media.  And especially color---the island’s tropical palette is astonishing. It may well become your challenge to incorporate powerful color into your work (whether representational or abstract) because you will see it all around you in Kauai. 

The workshop is located on the sunny, non-touristy west side of the island. It is home to some of Kauai’s most spectacular landscapes: the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, and Polihale, the sacred site where the road ends at the Na Pali cliffs.  The beaches on the west side are beautiful. The view of the sunset over the Pacific with island of Niihau on the horizon is unforgettable.  And, thanks to the hospitality of our local supporters, our home base is set right on the oceanfront of Kekaha.  

I have been making and showing my art on Kauai for a number of years and find it a continuing artistic challenge to express my feelings about being there, what it makes me feel and think.  It is a rich source of creativity.  My artist friends and contacts are enthusiastic about this workshop.  We hope that it can contribute to the already energetic artistic mix on this island.  In the past, some workshop participants have chosen to donate artworks to the Lawai Temple Auction, which benefits the newly rebuilt Buddhist temple and shrine complex, a Kauai landmark.  This year we hope to continue and deepen those connections. 

Workshop participants must make their own travel and housing arrangements according to their individual needs.  Remember that winter is high season in Hawaii, so reservations for flights, lodgings, cars, etc. go quickly. Several local property management companies handle vacation rentals on the west side.  Call me with your ideas and questions. This Kauai painting workshop is a good thing---I hope you will be a part of it. 

For registration, tuition, and details contact:  Glen Moriwaki glenmoriwaki@gmail.com, glenmoriwaki.com

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